Hippie Lane

If you’re a follower of the delicious, you’ve no doubt come across Taline Gabriel’s Hippie Lane. Here’s Taline’s take on the traditional cream filled chocolate biscuit – the chocolate raw reo.

Passionate foodie, mother of two, plant-based recipe developer, Instagram Star, café owner, author and - most importantly¬ - self-confessed sweet tooth, Taline Gabriel wears many hats. After discovering she had food intolerances, Taline began developing her signature healthy treats – and they’re enough satisfy even the most committed sugar addict’s cravings.

Hugely popular (and for good reason), Taline’s healthy take on the classic Oreo has all of the chocolatey bliss without the naughty stuff. We chatted to her about why she loves this recipe, and a few hacks you can do to make it your own. Pick up your ingredients at Deli Extra, Coles or Woolworths.

What do you love about this recipe?
The raw reo is one of my favourite sweet recipes for sure. So delicious, super easy to whip up and made using only a handful of healthy ingredients, it's a really easy go-to recipe for when you need a sweet fix – a must try.

Any special story behind it? 
I'm a massive sweet tooth. Growing up on a diet of Milo and Nutella, I wasn't going to give up sweets that easily when I switched to healthy eating. I got experimenting to create a healthy alternative for the crowd fave, the Oreo, and this is what I came up. It’s definitely one of my all-time most popular recipes.

Why is it a healthy alternative?
Made from natural ingredients including nuts, dates, cacao powder and coconut oil, you get all the fun and flavour without the guilt. These are all ingredients that nourish but still taste amazing. 

Are there any substitutes people can make if, for example, they have a nut allergy or can’t find rice malt syrup?
You can use any nut of your choice to replace the pecans in the cookie. Walnuts work well as do almonds. Seeds would also work although the flavour won't be ideal to achieve the "Oreo" flavour. You can try macadamia nuts instead of cashew for the filling. Honey or maple syrup can replace the rice malt.

Click here for the full recipe.