7 surprising benefits of cooking with your kids

They’re never too young to learn!

The kitchen is at the heart of every home, which is why it’s the perfect place to spend more time as a family. Besides bonding over the dinner table every night, also share quality time as a family by teaching your kids to cook. Here are just some of the benefits of cooking with your kids.

They will learn about food

Yes, you can learn a thing or two about food by eating it, but seeing produce in its freshest state and how it changes once it becomes cooked will open your children’s eyes to ingredients, what different foods look and feel like, and what goes into their favourite dishes. You can also take the opportunity to teach them about where produce comes from, like apples from a tree and milk from cows. 

They will learn essential cooking techniques

Not every element of cooking is for kids, but there’s plenty of cooking and food preparation techniques you can teach them from an early age, like washing and peeling vegetables, whisking eggs and, depending on their age, grating cheese. It also teaches them about common kitchen utensils, and how to use them, as well as improves their coordination.

They get to put mathematics into practice in the real world

There is so much maths involved in cooking, and tasks like measuring out ingredients will put what your kids have learnt in the classroom into practice –in a fun environment. Not only will this help hone their skills, but it will be more likely to sink in thanks to repetition and purpose.

It’s fun!

Tasks like rolling dough, cutting out cookies, stirring and beating eggs are all perfect for kids (depending on their age). Getting their hands dirty, letting them help, and doing it together are all drawcards for little ones who just want to be like their mum and dad, and spend more quality time with you.

It’s a great life lesson for them

Cooking is a skill kids will need throughout their lives, so it’s a great idea to start as early as possible to impart knowledge, skill and a passion for it. When you cook as a family, it will also create positive associations between the two, which will lead to a healthier relationship with food in the long term.

They’ll be more likely to eat what they’ve cooked

The reward of getting to eat what they’ve worked so hard to create gives children a new-found respect for food. They’ll be less fussy, more likely to eat healthy foods, and it can even give them a boost in self-esteem when they see other family members enjoying their handiwork! 

It teaches them better kitchen safety

Obviously, kitchens can be dangerous places for kids so adult supervision and restrictions on what they can and can’t do is essential. Cooking in the kitchen from a young age will help cement kitchen safety into your children and help them understand the risks.