Creative ideas to make your kids' meals more fun

Do you have picky little eaters? Or maybe you just can’t quite convince them to eat enough fruit? If any of these sound like your household, or you simply want to make food more enjoyable for your children, then get creative and turn their plates into works of fun, edible art! Here are seven delicious delights to serve.

Ladybird Pancakes

There’s no need to drown your pancakes in sugary maple syrup when strawberry slices will suffice. Pancakes are a great canvas to have fun with, from this ladybird design to a teddy bear’s face, sun, and more. 

Bird Nest Spaghetti

Bring life to the old classic, spaghetti and meatballs. Wrap your meatball birds in a nest of spaghetti and serve the pasta sauce on the side for a delicious bird bath.

Fruit Bugs

With a set of edible eyes made from lollies, you can turn just about anything into a fun creature. We know, you don’t want to encourage them to play with their food, but if it gets them to eat grapes and celery, how bad can it be?!

Teddy Bear Curry

There are so many adorable characters you can create from sticky rice (using a sushi rice recipe works best for keeping its shape), like this teddy bear who’s taking a bath in a curry sauce (soup works well, too!).

Crab Croissants

We bet they won’t even realise there’s a fruit element in this quirky crab dish. Cut an apple in half to create the claws, and add them onto the end of a breakfast croissant.

Rainbow Fruit Salad

They say at the end of a rainbow is a pot of gold: reward them for reaching the end of their fruit rainbow with mini marshmallows. You’ll never hear them complain about eating fruit ever again!

Rice Hedgehogs

These rice hedgehogs are a cinch to roll, and you can hide anything underneath your rice grain spikes. For example, mix tuna with a touch of mayonnaise and shape it into a small oval shape with your hands. Sprinkle with rice and place atop a fresh salad.