Creative Ninja lunchbox ideas

We’re celebrating all things ninja at Westpoint these school holidays. After having a go at our Ultimate Ninja Warrior obstacle course, your kids won’t be able to stop talking about their new hero – the ninja. When the holidays are over and they have to head back to school, give them something to look forward to with these creative Ninja lunchbox ideas.

The Babybel cheese ninja

Create stealth little ninja faces with a Babybel cheese wheel. Just peel away the strip around the centre to one side, then add two raisins for eyes!

Oreo cookie ninja stars

Peel off the cookies of one Oreo and break each one into quarters. With another full Oreo cookie, push the broken pieces into the white cream filling so the corner is sticking out to form the sharp points of your ninja star.

Roll-up ninja apple
Create your own twist on the toffee apple! Cut out two small holes in a strip of fruit roll-up and wrap it around an apple to replicate a ninja face mask. Pop in two choc chips as eyes to finish.

Ninja seaweed sushi
Add a ninja sushi ball to your bento box. Wrap a ball of sushi rice in seaweed, leaving a small slit opening for your ninja’s eyes. For the eyes, use two thin strips of seaweed. 

Ninja sandwich
First, make your sandwich – you can use just about anything inside, but make sure you finish with a cheese slice below the top layer of bread. Use a circle cookie cutter to trim your sandwich into a round shape. Cut out a slit in the bread for the ninja’s eyes to peep through. Add two edible eyes (try sultanas or capers) and two short pieces of crust on the side for the headband ties.

Ninja cookie pops
Whip up your favourite sugar cookie recipe and pop a wet wooden stick into the side of each flattened cookie dough ball before cooking. When it comes to decorating, paint on a ninja mask, leaving a little gap for the eyes. Two choc chips make the perfect peepers.

You can purchase the ingredients from Woolworths, Coles or Aldi