How to create an epic Easter egg hunt for your kids

For kids, the morning of Easter Sunday is like Christmas. The anticipation of whether or not the Easter bunny has come and left behind little eggs of chocolaty goodness is enough to lose sleep over. But rather than making it an easy game of find and collect, make it more challenging for them and build the excitement to the next level. Here are some creative ideas for an epic Easter egg hunt.

1. An Easter egg adventure hunt
Think of the Easter eggs as a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow - they need to follow the clues to find the hidden treasure of Easter eggs galore. Hide clues around the house or garden that lead them to the next one; some clues can even be tasks they need to complete, like ‘hop like a bunny’ or ‘name three things bunnies eat’, then you can hand them the next clue after they’ve accomplished the challenge. The final clue should lead them to a big prize, which may be a giant Easter egg, a toy, or lots of little chocolates.

2. An Easter egg scavenger hunt
Create a list of items they need to find during their Easter egg hunt. It may be something like ‘two eggs with polka dots on the wrapping’, ‘three Easter bunny-shaped chocolates’, ‘one Cadbury Creme Egg’ and ‘five Easter eggs with stripes’. They’ll have to look harder for the right items, and it will prolong the excitement (and keep the Easter egg count even between kids!).

3. A find-the-reward Easter hunt
A chocolate-free (but equally rewarding) option, if the thought of hyperactive kids thanks to a chocolate overload is not your cup of tea, you can still make Easter equally fun and rewarding without the sweet stuff. Grab a collection of plastic Easter eggs and inside them write little notes. On these notes you can write little rewards or even fill them with a gold coin - think ‘one soft serve ice cream at Donut King’, ‘stay up late for an extra 30 minutes’ or ‘spend $5 on anything you want at Kmart’. They can cash them in whenever they want in the future.  

4. A toys-only Easter hunt
Another sugar-free option is to hide little toys instead of Easter eggs. You’ll need plastic Easter egg containers and a bunch of small gifts to pop inside, like stamps, stickers, erasers or jewellery.

5. A relay-challenge Easter egg hunt
Are you spending Easter with a house full of kids? To contain the chaos but boost the excitement, split the kids into teams. Only one team member can search for Easter eggs at a time. Once they find an egg, they have to come back and tag the next team member. Keep going through until everyone has a go - or each team finds a set number of Easter eggs. You can offer the winning team an extra prize if you want to up the stakes.

6. Play Easter egg tag
It’s time to get crafty! Buy a large t-shirt (you need one size that will fit all of your kids, otherwise you can let one of the adults have the honours) and sew/stick one side of a Velco patch to the t-shirt, and stick the other side onto a plastic Easter egg (fill the eggs with lollies and toys). Velco the eggs all over the t-shirt then take turns wearing the t-shirt. Everyone has to chase the person wearing the t-shirt and pull off the prizes. They get to keep the ones they grab. If you do various rounds, simply refill the eggs with new prizes each time.