Get Pumped for World Cup

It seems less than a year ago that Brazil hosted the FIFA World Cup, but time marches on, and in a little over a week the first game of the 2018 FIFA World Cup will be played. With Russia hosting, the games are sure to be packed out as the fans of 13 European qualifiers make their way east.

Most importantly, Australia’s Socceroos have qualified and will be taking the field against France at the very manageable hour of 8pm on Saturday 16 June. 
Feeling the FIFA fever? Here’s how to get family and friends in the mood for the largest sporting event in the world.

Backyard Penalty Shoot Out
Many a soccer match has been decided by way of a penalty shoot out. If you don’t have enough players or space to mark out a field for a game of soccer, skip the niceties and go straight to the decider.  All you need is a mate, a ball, a couple of hats or jumpers to mark the goalposts, and David Beckham’s right boot. 

For the more serious competitors, the Franklin Tournament Soccer Goal is full sized and easily assembled. Portable goals like Umbro’s Folding Goal or Dunlop’s Portable Soccer Goal are cheaper options and suitable for smaller areas. 

Soccer balls licensed by the Football Federation of Australia can be found at Big W for as little as $15, while Rebel stocks a large range including the high-end Adidas Finale 17 Official Match Ball.

Gamers On
Whether you’re a Playstation 4 fanatic, an Xbox One devotee, or you’re sticking with Nintendo Switch, EA Sports FIFA18 can be played on all systems. The incredible graphics truly immerse you in the world of international soccer from the comfort of your couch, with player behaviour mimicking real life and regional atmospheres reflecting sun position, on pitch debris, and even authentic broadcast overlays in La Liga and MLS. Staff at EB Games and Gametraders will happily explain the consoles and games in detail if you ask. 

Why not host a one-night FIFA World Cup event, pitting family member against family member, friend against friend. Simply assign each player a team (picking names out of hat will avoid unnecessary arguments) and hold a round robin or elimination tournament. 

Alternatively, throw on your 2018 Australia Soccer Jersey for the expats, Nike stocks a huge range of team jerseys, take your device online and challenge players around the world to “the beautiful game.” 

Screen Revamp
What’s the best way to experience a good game of soccer without having to fly to the other side of the world? Watching it on a high def TV. 
Since most of the games air in the wee hours of the morning, Aussies will be watching from home, most likely in their pyjamas. So maybe it’s finally time for that TV upgrade you’ve been wanting since the 2014 World Cup. 

Buying a TV used to be a big investment but with seemingly never-ending improvements in technology and fierce competition between brands and stockists, TVs are now cheaper than they have ever been. Not to mention, bigger. You can now get a 55” Ultra High Definition TV for less than $1500 at JB Hi-Fi Home. On the “smaller” end of the scale, you can get a 40” Full High Definition SONIQ TV for under $400. If you really want to feel like you’re at the game, there’s always the 82” Ultra High Definition Samsung