Gift ideas to celebrate the Lunar New Year

It’s a time-honoured tradition to give gifts to family and friends at the start of the Lunar New Year. No matter what you give, it should always be heartfelt as well as meaningful. Search for items that express good wishes of happiness and wealth, and when in doubt, choose something red!

Red delights
In many cultures that celebrate Lunar New Year, the colour red is a symbol of wealth and good fortune. One tradition is to give loved ones a red envelope with money inside to send them good wishes for the year ahead; however, anything red will be welcome with open arms. 

New clothing
A popular belief at Lunar New Year is that new clothes will bring its wearer fortune and health, which is why a wardrobe update is a common treat for children at this time of year. 

Lunar trinkets
To mark the occasion with something special, a piece of jewellery is a great option. Pandora and Lovisa have released limited edition Lunar New Year collections starring Year of the Pig charms. Or, seek something that is both symbolic of the Lunar New Year and unique to the recipient. Red stones, zodiac signs, infinity designs and dragon details all make for a meaningful gift.

What NOT to give
There are a few important gift-giving rules when it comes to the Lunar New Year. Some items you should avoid are sharp objects (as they symbolise cutting ties with the recipient), shoes (they represent evil) and anything in groups of four (as the number ‘four’ sounds similar to ‘death’ in Chinese).