Spookily easy Halloween party food ideas

Are you hosting a Halloween fright night? Once you have all the decorations sorted, the menu is next. This is the fun part! There are so many ways to give your favourite treats a Halloween spin, and they’re all incredibly easy. Here’s how to impress with a deliciously frightful Halloween party menu.

Ghost meringues
Turn blobs of meringue into spooky ghosts. Simply draw a face onto your mini meringues with three dots of melted chocolate. Too easy!

Freaky monster fingers
For a disgustingly simple Halloween treat, mould green cookie dough into the shape of a finger. Press an almond into the tip to replicate a fingernail, and bake.

Spooky fruit salad
Want to sneak in some nutritious snacks? There are so many ways you can dress up fruit to match the theme. Similar to the meringues, paint on ghost faces onto half a banana (hint: use Ice Magic). Peeled mandarins make the perfect pumpkins – just pop a slither of grape in the top for the stalk. For chattering teeth, you’ll need two slices of apple; cut the rest into teeth-shaped cubes. Coat one side of each slice with peanut butter and stick the apple ‘teeth’ into the peanut butter on one side only. Add the other slice on top. Grapes make great googly eyes; just add a drop of yoghurt on top and a mini chocolate chip for eyes.

Cookie monsters
What’s better than choc chip cookies? Ones that look like monsters! Between the base of two biscuits, smear a generous layer of chocolate buttercream frosting. Add mini marshmallow eyes and teeth to finish.

Mummy dogs
The Halloween version of pigs in blankets, wrap frankfurts in thin strips of puff pastry, leaving a gap for the eyes. Bake until golden. Add eyes and a bloody dipping sauce (tomato sauce is perfect) – the kids will love them!

Mummy toast
Easy yet filling, these mummy toasties are fun and delicious for kids. Smooth tomato sauce onto one side of sliced bread, and lay thin cuts of cheese across the bread so that they look like a wrapped-up mummy. Grill until the bread is toasted and the cheese is melted. Add two slices of olives for eyes.