How to become a true ninja

Stealth black outfit– do you know what it really takes (and means) to be a ninja? As Japanese secret agents of the 15th and 16th centuries, ninjas were sly, secretive and knew how to slip in and out of enemy territory without being detected. And they weren’t just men. Women ninjas were referred to as kunoichi.

The role of a ninja was passed down through families for generations, but it took hard work and extensive training to perfect the art. There was more to the job description than simply sneaking up on enemies.

Ninjas had to master sword fighting, spear fighting, stick fighting, blade throwing and unarmed combat. A ninja also had to be trained in spiritual refinement, disguise and impersonation, and even meteorology and geography. Their mind, bodies and soul were all completely committed to the cause.

These are the skills you’ll need to master if you too want to become a ninja warrior.

Be fit
Ninjas weren’t known for their physical strength, but rather their agility. They needed endurance to accomplish their missions. Practice ninja skills like running, jumping, climbing and tumbling to improve your own physical fitness.

Clear your mind

If you’re distracted, you could compromise your mission. Always remain focused on the job at hand, and if you feel your mind starts to wander, sit and meditate until your thoughts start to re-settle.

Be prepared
Even the best ninja’s cover may be blown from time to time. Be prepared for such an occasion – carry a pouch of flour to throw at your feet to form a smoky cloud that will conceal your whereabouts as you make a quick escape.

Keep your missions covert

A ninja should never reveal their mission to anyone. You need the element of surprise if you’re going to be successful, so keep quiet about your plans and always remain out of sight!

Learn to move quickly and quietly
Even when in combat, a ninja shouldn’t make any noise as you will risk alerting others of your position. Learn to jump, roll and fight without attracting attention. Practice makes perfect.

Once you’ve completed your training and are ready to put your ninja skills to the test, come along and try our Ultimate Ninja Kids Course in-centre between 10am and 2pm daily from Saturday 29 September until Sunday 14 October.