Kit Up the Kids for the Nickelodeon Slime Cup Auditions

The countdown to the Nickelodeon Slime Cup auditions has officially begun. This weekend, kids will descend on Blacktown for a chance to appear in Nickelodeon’s Slime Cup TV auditions. With Westpoint the only NSW venue to hold the event, we’re expecting a big turnout and plenty of excitement. 

In case your kids haven’t told you yet, Nickelodeon is scouting for 12 pairs of kids, aged between 9-13 to star in a 6-episode TV series. The show follows them as they tackle puzzling challenges and adventurous obstacle courses in pursuit of the prized Slime Cup.

Kids of all ages are welcome to come along and see what it’s like to be in front of the camera. Youngsters jostling for a spot are invited to head to the audition in pairs, dressed in a matching team outfit with a team name that celebrates a Nickelodeon show or character. Click here for more information on the auditions. 

Littlies raring to go but still need a team uniform? Here’s our quick rundown of Westpoint retailers stocking all the best Slime-wear.

The Fairly Odd Parents Fairy Costume

Let them channel the glittery magic of Cosmo and Wanda with a sparkly want, bright pinks and yellows and oodles of enthusiasm. 


Twinning in Rugrats Style
Lil and Phil are the perfectly in-sync twins causing mischief on Rugrats. Young ones can try their hand at Phil and Lil’s matching toddler style, while the older kids can look towards Lil and Phil’s 90s style in All Grown Up.


Dress like Dora the Explorer
Young Dora always dresses for comfort and practicality, so comfy shoes and a sturdy backpack are a must.  


Finishing Touches
Why not spend a bit of time with the kids to break out of the box and get creative with an original costume? Paint a team name onto hats or customise an old t-shirt. Top it all off with matching wigs, tutus, glitter and other accessories – the opportunities are endless.