Your party season prep guide

How’s your social calendar looking? Is it starting to fill up fast with Christmas parties, end of year gatherings and catch-ups with all your closest friends? Before the mania really sets in, take a moment to prepare yourself. Follow these steps for getting party-season ready.


Refresh your hair

Celebrate the festive season with a fresh cut or colour, so you can show off your shiny new locks throughout the party season. 
Where to go: La Rells Hair and Beauty, Just Cuts 

Get your nails done

Love to be preened and polished? A manicure and pedicure is perfect to shine from top to toe. Try a French polish or long-lasting shellac nails. 
Where to go: Leo Beauty and Nails 

Disappear those stress knots

Chinese medicine can help treat pre-holiday stress. Experience Chinese remedial massage, cupping, acupuncture or herbal tinctures to be your best. 
Where to go: Westpoint Chinese Medicine Clinic 

Go for a faux glow
Arrange a spray tan to kickstart the holiday season. There’s no better way to make you feel holiday-ready than a sun-smart, all-over glow. 
Where to go: The Aqua Room 

Indulge in professional treatments

Give yourself the gift of light this Christmas with treatments including hair removal, LED light therapy facial treatments and chemical peels. Leaving it to a professional not only a nice treat, it also ensures more efficient and effective results.
Where to go: Results Laser Clinic, Laser Clinics Australia 

Revitalise your weary feet
A foot detox is designed to draw toxins (or Christmas excesses) out of the body through the soles of the feet, and also includes a reflexology treatment. 
Where to go: Chi Healing 


Clean up your wardrobe
Look crisp this Christmas by taking your best-loved fashion pieces to be professionally dry-cleaned. Plus, we all know a few spilled drinks are bound to happen around the silly season, so you’ll need to get on top of those stains ASAP.
Where to go: Blue Ribbon Dry Cleaners 

Take it to be tailored

The secret to being well dressed is wearing clothes that fit you perfectly. A quick alteration could make all the different. Or, if you have a treasured threadbare jacket that you can’t bear to part with, have it mended back to near-new. 
Where to go: Westpoint Tailor, First Choice Clothing Alterations 

Boost your inner health
Give yourself the gift of wellness and be fully prepped for party season by grabbing some vitamins and health supplements. Chat to a chemist for advice specific to you.
Where to go: Chester and Jake Pharmacy, Blooms The Chemist 

Sharpen your style
Brush up on the season’s latest trends by picking up a couple of men’s style magazines. It will help you filter through your existing closet, know what you need to add, and give you the confidence to nail any dress code. 
Where to go: Newstalk Newsagency 

Tidy up your facial hair
Clean-shaven used to be the pinnacle for looking sharp, but now a beard or any form of facial hair is just as smart. So long as you keep it tidy. Leave it to the pros to get you all groomed and ready for your next big event. 
Where to go: Scissors Style Barber, Allan's Men's Hairdressing, Boyz 2 Menz 

Get your ride ready
Now that you’re ready to rock up to the party, make sure your ride is dressed for the occasion, too. A full detail car wash will impress from the inside and out, and will have you standing out from the crowd for all the right reasons. 
Where to go: Star Car Wash