The perfect ninja outfit

A ninja outfit needs to be two things: incognito and easy to move in. You need to have freedom to run, roll and slink by unseen. And you’ll need pockets to hide and hold all your weapons! If you’re ready to commit completely to your inner ninja, here’s what you need to recreate the perfect ninja outfit:

An all-black outfit
Ninjas used to do most of their work in the dark of night, which is why they dressed in head-to-toe black. Make your own ninja outfit from black items you already have in your wardrobe – black tracksuit pants or tights and a black long-sleeve t-shirt or hoodie will do the trick. Make sure you are able to move easily in your clothes (read: no jeans!). Finish with a belt so you can attach all your necessities.


A hooded cowl
A ninja’s outfit conceals his identity, so you need to cover up as much as possible. A hooded cowl leaves just enough space for you to see through. Here’s how to make your own ninja face mask from a black t-shirt:
#1. Pull a black long-sleeve t-shirt over your head until your eyes are peeking through.
#2. Pull the back of the shirt up and over so it covers the top of your head.
#3. Wrap the sleeves behind your head and tie it in place.


Soundproof boots
A ninja needs quiet footwear to be able to sneak up on their opponent. Look for shoes with soft soles that won’t make a sound – or even socks with non-slip bases, and remember your footwear needs to be in all black, too.