The top 5 trending Christmas gifts of 2017

Published on 10 November 2017

We figure there’s no time like the present. We’re hanging up the decorations and we have a whole sleigh-load of thoughtful gift ideas that could well be the perfect present for each and every one of your loved ones. 

But where to start?

For some inspiration, we’ve predicted the top five trending gifts of Christmas 2017 to kick off your shopping.

1. Smart home devices for the future tech lovers

It’s official – we are now living in the future!

Ok, so not quite the hoverboards and teleportation stage of the future, but the advent of Google Home – and similar products – makes us feel like those developments aren’t too far away, and that’s why we’ve put it at the top of our trending gift list.

Sleek, unobtrusive, and oh-so-easy to use, Google Home is ready and waiting to answer questions, sync up to connected appliances, play music, and perform so many other tasks that make the home life of its owner infinitely easier. And for a device that does so much (while earning you serious brownie points as a great gift-giver), it’s got a pleasingly inexpensive price tag, too. It also comes in a mini-size which comes in under $100.

You can pick one up or something similar at JB Hi Fi. 

2. Pour over coffee brewers for coffee fiends

Every home needs an emergency jar of instant coffee for those last-minute, running-late-for-work, pick-me-up moments. But for mornings when you want to really sit and enjoy your coffee, we can’t think of anything better than brewing a batch with a pour over coffee brewer. Give one of these as a gift and, apart from making someone very happy, you’ll get to reap the added benefit of being invited round for quality cups of joe.

3. Wireless charging stations for the smart phone devotees

The German philosopher Immanuel Kant once said that “wisdom is organised life”. And what could be better than giving a loved one the gift of a little organisation (and wisdom)? 

Since tangled wires and low batteries are two of the most common frustrations among people in these fast-paced times, and with the wireless charging abilities of the new iPhone 8 and X, we figured the next must-give item on our gift list had to be the wireless charging station. With those cables out of the way, you’ll be getting calls of gratitude all day long from the charging station’s recipient – and their fully-charged phone.

4. Fitness trackers for the gym junkies

This is a carry-over trend from last year that’s only gaining in popularity. Those busy work schedules, school semesters, family commitments and the rest can really make it difficult to keep up with a steady, conscious exercise regime. But give someone the FitBit Alta HR, Fitbit’s latest update on the original Alta, and they can monitor their activity, health statistics, heart rate, step count, sleep patterns and more, all as they go about their everyday life. It’s a thoughtful way to inject some trendiness into a loved one’s life.  

For the fitness buffs in your life, head to Rebel to purchase one of these or similar devices.

5. Indoor vertical herb gardens for the time-poor foodies

It’s 2017, so it’s not surprising that many of the most popular gifts this Christmas are going to be techie. But other gift-givers still want to take a little break from the devices and bring a touch of nature back into the house.

For foodie friends and family who love home-grown spices, we’re loving the herb pot tray as a thoughtful addition to the kitchen. Especially for those who might not have the time or space to tend a garden. Fun to cultivate and satisfying to use, these nifty little planters are a lovely, easy way to keep meals fresh and thoughtful.  

The most thoughtful gifts are the ones we keep forever. For more thoughtful gift ideas this Christmas, visit Westpoint Shopping Centre.