Your guide to hosting a Lunar New Year party

Lunar New Year is a celebration, so it’s not surprising that the long-standing tradition is to spend it with family over an abundant feast. If you have the honour of hosting a Lunar New Year party, these ideas and need-to-know tips will help ensure it’s the perfect start to a wonderful new year.

Clean your house
It may not be the most exciting thing to do, but a thorough clean of your house is not only a good idea ahead of guests coming over, it’s also considered an essential step pre-New Year to sweep away the bad luck of last year.

The colour theme 
In Chinese culture, red is a hot favourite for decorating, with gold its perfect pair. Red is associated with wealth and good fortune and should be used liberally! 

Adorn your home in lanterns
Serving as more than a decorative feature at your Lunar New Year gathering, red lanterns are believed to ward off bad luck. Display some at the outside entrance of your home, as well as scatter them around your interior to create a warm welcome and positive vibes.

Cook up a prosperous meal
In many Asian cultures, there are key dishes that are served at the beginning of the Lunar New Year due to their symbolic meaning. These are often chosen because the food’s name is similar in pronunciation to auspicious words like wealth, good fortune and happiness. Some favourites include whole fish for prosperity, dumplings for wealth and long noodles for a long life. If fish is on the menu, stop by Costi’s Seafood; for fresh produce, check out Westpoint Growers and for everything else, Tong Li Supermarket, Coles, Woolworths and Aldi have you covered. 

Hint: If you don’t feel like cooking, invite the family to meet you at On Four. Crystal Chinese Restaurant and Noodles and Dumplings at Westpoint have the perfect menu to please a crowd.

A tip for guests
Don’t show up empty handed. A common tradition is to gift flowers - orchids are a popular pick due to their lucky meaning. Find the perfect arrangement at Flower Seasons and Flowers N Things here in Westpoint.

What to wear
One guess as to what colour should steer your style choice! The power of red holds true with your wardrobe, too, so embrace this vibrant colour from head to toe. While other bright colours are also an acceptable option, make sure you avoid wearing black and white clothing (they symbolise mourning) and anything damaged (as it’s considered bad luck).