Meet The Senses

  • This event has finished

Join us on an experimental journey of the five senses, where you can explore the weird and wonderful ways our senses work.

See, smell, taste, hear and touch your way around a series of interactive pods these holidays and get to know the weird and wonderful ways the five senses work.


Put your sniffing skills to the ultimate test! Spin the wheel and match the test tubes scents. Can you guess correctly? 

Sounds Like Fun 
Our disco dome will carry you into a music bubble. Don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes!

Feelin’ Arty
Here’s your change to get creative with colourful. Build a series of sculptures and let your imagination run wild!

Taste Bud Time
Bring your own flavour to the table. Decorate your very own take-home placement, whilst learning a few tasty facts along the way.

Eye spy with my little eye a rainbow realm full of bright lights and vibrant patterns. 

Located on Level 1, Centre Court and Level 3, near Myer.