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Colour By Numbers 
Join together with your friends to create a mega colour by numbers challenge!  Choose from five different colour by number templates. Once you have completed your creation get a snap with our giant crayon. 

Colour Cycle
We’ve combined art and mechanics to create art pieces through a deconstructed bike! Spin the wheel or turn the pedals of the bike to create bright geometric art. Invented by a mathematician, the spirograph creates elaborate spirals and geometric drawings you can try in an array of bright colours! 

Stringy Things 
With a modern twist on the ancient artform of weaving, create art by winding bright coloured yarn around the pegs to create an amazing community art piece, full of colour, style and individuality! Explore shapes, colours and extend your imagination with geometric animals, structures and more - let your imagination run wild! 

Secret Scribble 
With a mix of art and technology, create your own unique drawing using our magical invisible pens, then shine a special light on your artwork to see it come to life before your eyes!

Get Crafty
Learn and create your very own animation through our flippy art workshops or create a personalised masterpiece to display home. 

Located on Level 1 Centre Court, Level 2, near Ishka and Level 3 near Myer. 

*Excludes Good Friday, Easter Sunday and ANZAC Day.